Version 7.0.4 Release Note (July 11th, 2022)

Changed Starter license specific feature restrictions

  • Lifted the restriction about the number of data that you can create. (No limit)
  • Made the specified version exporter available.
  • Inserting the SpriteStudio watermark in PNGs/AVI became an option.
    You can turn it off anytime in [Preferences] > [Other] > [Common].

Ajustments and fixes

The following defects have been fixed.

Windows / Mac

  • Longer loading times for projects with a large number of data, resulting in time when operations are not accepted.
    Project: Optimized the process to update the project tree. Subsequently, reduced the time after loading a project considerably.
  • “Change Reference Image” function in a project with a large number of data will increase processing time.
    Change Reference Image: Reduced the update time after performing, undo, and redo.

Fixed other minor bugs.

Known issues

Windows / Mac

  • On certain PCs, loading a project saved with Ver.5 may cause a force close. In this case, Ver.6.6.4 can be read by converting to Ver.6 data in advance.

Mac only

  • The license activation process may not work properly in certain proxy connection environments.