Version 7.0.2 Release Note (May 18th, 2022)

OS Support

  • Added support for macOS Monterey(12), macOS Big Sur(11), macOS Catalina(10.15).

Ver.7 has been newly built as a native macOS 64-bit application that does not rely on CrossOver, resulting in a significant improvement in performance. The most noticeable evolution from Ver.6.6 is the lightness of startup and operation. On M1 Mac, it starts up in only about 2 seconds, and the UI in general has improved response time.
It also officially supports macOS Monterey(12).

Ajustments and fixes

The following defects have been fixed.

  • Frame Control: While showing the extra attribute edit window such as vertex deformation, unintentional key is created by left-clicking simply.
  • Frame Control: The maximum value of the number of parts, frame, etc is set to 99.
  • Shader Editor: Reload does not work to reflesh the list.
  • Layout: The shortcut keys to delete or add parts work unintentionally even while opening weight editor.
  • Curve Editor: “Copy curve parameter” command is gralyed unless selecting attribute line in Frame Control.
  • Project: Changing reference image of CellMap does not work.
  • Project: Resizing cellmap while loading a project does not mark the cellmap file as modified.
  • Project Settings: “Effect” is not appeared in the default attribute list when creating a part.
  • Animation Selector(the window such as resize): Closing by pushing enter key performs as cancel.
  • Rendering: “As Pixel” value is restored to previous value after changing “Rendering Area Expansion” value, performing rendering, and reopening Rendering dialog.
  • Parts Color/Color Blend: At the first time you open the edit window, blend method list is empty.
  • Preferences: Moving active item by arrow key does not change the contents on the right side. The window contains waste spaces.
  • Manage License: The license info which is obtained by pushing “Copy info” button indicates always “Trial”.
  • Log: Lack of information output when a cell not found error.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

Known issues

  • On certain PCs, loading a project saved with Ver.5 may cause a force close. In this case, Ver.6.6.4 can be read by converting to Ver.6 data in advance.