Version 7.0.0 (Windows) Release Note (April 5th, 2022)

  • This version is only available for Windows.

About OPTPiX SpriteStudio Ver.7.0

With its updated GUI framework, OPTPiX SpriteStudio Ver.7.0 offers various usability improvements, such as a more reactive UI, a faster program startup, and access to more memory.

This update lays the groundwork for future features and a quicker support of the latest OS versions. More new features will be added from next version.



  • The application startup time is approximately 8 times faster compared to Ver.6.
  • File loading is now faster, as is the opening of various dialogs.
  • There is no 4GB limit for the 64-bit version. The number of high-resolution textures that can be loaded are increased.


  • The layout of the main window can be customized by using docking and tabs.
    The positions of the toolbar and notification bar can also be adjusted.
  • Windows that do not require constant display, such as cell maps and layout information, can be tabbed.
  • We have eliminated modal dialogs for numerical value changes such as grid size and color picker as much as possible, so that they can be confirmed by clicking outside the window.

Frame Control

  • Play/Stop and other buttons are placed at the top for easy access.
  • Double-clicking on a key now opens a popup at the cursor position. The value can be modified by dragging, using the mouse wheel, or typing in.

Curve Editor

  • Simultaneous editing of keys for multiple parts and multiple attributes is now supported.
  • Curves for different attributes of a group can now be displayed simultaneously.
  • It is now possible to select for which parts or attributes to display curves by clicking on the tree or on a key marker.
  • Docking and tabbing in the main window is now supported.

Attribute window

  • Group units such as coordinates/scale/UV system/extended system can now be opened/closed and keys can be turned on/off collectively.

Cell Map

  • High resolution textures (e.g., 4K or above) can also use the range selection, zooming or scrolling.

Project window

  • The location of the files and animations can now be changed.
  • Faster item switching.
  • To save space, the reference image has been removed from the folder and moved to a child item of the cell map.

Multi Animation Preview

  • It is possible to change settings in a floating window, which is now more compact and resizable.
  • The flat list has been changed to a tree to allow the selection of all items under SSAE at once.
  • The UI has been reorganized to make the relationship between lists and buttons easier to understand.

Extended Attribute Editing

  • The edit windows for extended attributes such as part color, vertex deformation, instance, and effect are now always floating and no longer need to be closed for confirmation.

Instance list (previously Animation list)

  • Independent from the cell list, they can now be displayed side by side.

Layout/Cell Map/Curve Editor

  • Tool buttons are now grouped by category and can be placed in floating positions if needed.

Color Picker

  • Picking colors from the screen, registering custom colors, and using the HSV model to specify a color is now possible.

Layout Info window

  • Foreground and background setting changes are now displayed in a pop-up window to save space.

Cell list/Instance list/Reference cell selector

  • Item size can now be changed from the top of the tool button.


  • Some OPTPiX Labs menu items have been moved.
    • “Optimizing the Cell Map” has been moved to the Project menu.
    • “Multi Animation Preview” has been moved to the Animation menu.
  • The “Animation List” has been renamed to “Instance List”.

Attribute window

  • The UI for relative value input has been changed. You can add/subtract/multiply/divide by entering ++ — * / followed by a number in the input box. For example, to add 10, enter ++10; to divide by 2, enter /2.
  • The checkbox to create a key whenever changing a value has been replaced by a button with a key icon.

Project window/Cell List

  • Renaming is now performed by clicking again on an active item.
  • Removed the Folder tab.

OS Support

  • Windows 11 is now officially supported.


Ver.7.0 can read Ver.6 data and save it in a format equivalent to Ver.6.6.4.
Therefore, data saved in Ver.7.0 can be used with various SDKs/players for Ver.6.


The following functions in Ver.6.6.4 are not supported. Will be supported in a future update.
The following functions are planned to be addressed in future updates, starting with those most frequently requested.

  • Edit Tag
  • Sequence Settings (except playback)
  • Checking used attributes.
  • Export to sspkg format
  • Signal Settings
  • UV Editing in the Cell Map
  • Popup tool box in Layout window.
    Removed because tool buttons can now be placed in any position.

Known issues

  • On some PCs, loading a project saved with Ver.5 may unexpectedly close the application.
    Projects exhibiting this issue can be opened in Ver.6 after having converted the deprecated functions. Please refer to this page(in Japanese) for the details.