Version 7.0.3 Release Note (June 30th, 2022)

Starter license support

  • Starter license is now available on SpriteStudio Ver.7. For more information, please see this page (Japanese)


Windows / Mac

  • Changed behavior of toggle window visibility commands like below:
    • Activate and raise the window if it is tabified and inactive.
    • Added shortcut key assignments for the commands on ctrl (cmd on Mac) + numeric keys in factory setting.
    • To enable the factory setting, run SpriteStudio after deleting SsKeyBindings.xml file in the folder where you can open via “Open Logfile Folder” under Help menu.
    • Key binding editor will be available in the future update.

Mac only

  • Layout/Cellmap/Cell Editor/Mesh Editor: Reduced zoom sensitivity by trackpad.

Ajustments and fixes

The following defects have been fixed.

Windows / Mac

  • Layout: Dragging selected multiple parts does not work when you start drag inside an active part.
  • Project: Adding ssce/ssae/ssee files by drag and drop is not accepted.
  • Project: Importing image files such as PNG by drag and drop is not accepted.
  • Frame Control: “Change Interpolation Type” does not work while selecting multiple keys.
  • Cell Editor: Clicking the image area does not change focus so that pressing space key with left-drag to scroll cannot work and enter a space character in the name box.
  • Rendering: BG color is not stored in the current project.
  • Multi Animation Preview: The changes in settings are still applied even if you close the window by pressing escape key or pushing the “X” button on the title bar.
  • Multi Animation Preview: Moving the active item by pressing arrow keys does not enable display settings.

Windows only

  • Cell Edit: Undo/Redo by pressing ctrl + Z/Y cannot work when focusing on the image are.

Mac only

  • Curve editor: Moving a curve handle always turns on “Sync left/right handles” checkbox.

Fixed other minor bugs.

Known issues

Windows / Mac

  • On certain PCs, loading a project saved with Ver.5 may cause a force close. In this case, Ver.6.6.4 can be read by converting to Ver.6 data in advance.

Mac only

  • The license activation process may not work properly in certain proxy connection environments.