Version 5.7.0 Releasenote (Jul.13th, 2016)


For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Users

From version 5.7, SpriteStudio more strictly differentiates the Windows version for better user support.
As a result, you will possibly fail to activate on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
In order to avoid this issue, please make sure that you deactivate your license before you install the version 5.7.
* How to deactivate your license.

If you see the authentication error when the version 5.7 starts up after installing over, please contact us from the following support page with your serial number which is displayed on the authentication dialog.

Effect Feature Enhancement

Now preview is more powerful such as the ability to edit the parameters and rewind playback frame while your effect stays visible at the frame.
In addition, profile display and new effect attribute that gives you the flexible control such as specifying the playback start time and speed are provided.

Please see also this page for the summary. (English is not available yet)


In this update, in order to increase the reproducibility on the players such as SS5Player for Unity, effect algorithm has changed significantly.
The updated players supportting the new algorithm has been released.

For more information, please see the page of each player.

Compatibility of Effect Data

In version 5.7(written as v5.7), you can read and display the effect data(ssee file) created with version 5.6.1 or earlier(written as v5.6.1-).
To playback the effect data created with v5.6.1- equally to v5.6.1-, select “Version 1.0” in Effect Editor. Or to playback with new algorythm, select “Version 2.0”.
The Information stored in the v5.7 effect data is almost the same with v5.6.1-, but there is a little difference that is adding a version number and some new command and parameters.
If you read the v5.7 effect data in v5.6.1-, those information will not be reproduced, and also will be lost when you save in v5.6.1-.

New Features

Auto Backup

This is the feature to take regular backups in preparation for unforeseen circumstances.
Backup is performed periodically and is also done as the application crashes.

* In this version, auto backup setting is under the “OPTPiX Labs” menu as experimental function.


  • Export: Added vertex deformation values if you select the json format.
  • General: Added a “Help” button to open the relevant page directly in the major windows such as the following.
    • Curve Editor, Effect Editor, Cell Edit, Make Sprite Sheet, Rendering, Project Settings, Effect Setting,
    • The windows not having buttons such as “OK” and “Cancel” have “?” button at their upper right corner.


  • Layout/Cellmap: Now panning works if you start to press Space key even while Layout/Cellmap window is not active.
  • Logfile: Added a workaround for the issue that all lines are concatenated in some text editor such as Notepad.
  • Activation: Now displays your serial number on the window displayed at the time of authentication failure.
  • Project: Now displays a warning when effect parts referring to the effect file does not exist in the project are found.
  • Project: Now displays a warning when an animation file which has a same name with already existed in the project is added.
    * Because instance cannot locate the animation file when there are multiple animation files with a same name.
  • File read: Now reports the location of an invalid reference cell key in detail.
  • Help: Added an item “Open Logfile Folder” for convenience.
  • Other: Now adjusts the position of a window disappears off the screen by switching from multi-monitor to single monitor when application starts.
  • Other: Conformed captions of some windows and buttons.


  • Edit: An access violation occurs when performing “Remove Changeless Keys” to the parts not having any keys.
  • Edit: An access violation occurs when performing some edit operation such as parts duplication after you open Color Blend, Vertex Deformation, and User Data Edit and then close them without any modification.
  • Edit: “Delete Label” is not redoable.
  • Edit: Label information still remains in animation file after removing by “Delete Frame”.
  • Edit: An access violation occurs when performing “Delete key” to the parts not having any keys.
  • Edit: Unsupported attribute keys can be added to not correspondent parts by copy-paste or creating key to multiple parts.
    e.g.) Reference cell key to NULL parts.
  • Resize: The handle value of curve parameter of X/Y/Z positions and X/Y size cannot be corrected.
  • Layout: [win] Focus is lost and odd after showing a context menu.
  • Layout: Texture of the tab panel and the playback buttons can become white-out.
  • Frame Control: Total frames cannot be changed after fixing a value by pressing Tab key.
  • Instance: Reverse playback performs twice without reciprocating if you set options both pingpong and reverse of instance key.
  • Instance: Do not play properly when modifying the playback speed of instance which contains effect parts.
  • Effect: Particle happens to yield before the appropriate time when “Delay” parameter is specified.
  • Effect: There is a combination to possibly generate the same result If the random seed is fixed.
  • Effect: Particle happens to yield for two frames from the emitter whose lifetime is one.
  • Effect Editor: An access violation occurs when you delete an emitter, then select a command selector while playing the preview.
  • Effect Editor: Modified mark is not attached after changing the color parameters without touching the command selector.
  • Project: An access violation occurs when a grayed ssae file is selected.
  • Project: Project is not marked as modified after adding a new file.
  • Project: When you duplicate an effect file, the file is not selected and there becomes no selection.
  • Project: Unsaved mark of project file is always unset after performing “Save” command and then the file become out of targets to save.
  • Project: Unsaved mark of saved file stays marked after you perform “Open Project” and then push the “Yes” button on a warning, then cancel the file open dialog.
  • Project setting: Project is not marked as modified after enabling the effect feature in the compatibility page in the project settings.
  • Preferences: Effect Editor position cannot be restored after performing “Restore Layout”.
  • Other: Loading project happens by double-clicking an another sspj file on Explorer even while opening a modal dialog.
    * Application becomes hang-up while opening Effect Editor,
  • Other: An access violation occurs and the application aborts while opening SpriteStudio.log file in exclusive mode by some text editors.
  • Other: Fixed trivial issues about appearance.