Can saving empty folders be possible?

When a file named “$epskip$.$$$” is included in the archive, that file is always skipped during extraction.

 In this way, saving empty folders can be simulated.

Can an “installer with a digital signature” be created with EXEpress 6?

EXEpress 6 Pro comes with a function to create installers with digital signatures. See “Validity check method for the self-extracting executable file” in “Advanced Settings: Pre-startup processes.”

To actually add a digital signature requires using other software such as the Microsoft tools, so refer to the user manual for the software you are going to use.

Can an empty folder with no files be added to the archive file with EXEpress Compressor?

CAB format specifications do not allow empty folders to be saved.

A dummy file can be saved as a workaround if a folder that is not completely empty is allowable.

Can this be used to distribute applications created with VB6?

EXEpress 6 does not support exclusive functions to install specific development environment runtime libraries in Windows system directories. However, the following methods can be used depending on the distribution format of the runtime library.

  1. The EXEpress 6 standard file extraction feature can be used to install libraries that only need to have the necessary files copied.
  2. When a separate install package (EXE file format or MSI file format) to install the library is provided, the install can be performed by starting the install package using the “Automatic Execute File after Extraction Function” in EXEpress 6. 
  3. If the library is in ActiveX control or COM server format (OCX file or DLL file) and the files must be registered in the system after being copied, the registration to the system can be performed by using the “ActiveX control/COM server registration function” included in EXEpress 6 Pro.

What kind of expanded functionality is possible with the “Extension module SDK?”

The following extended functionality is possible by the user developing suitable programs (DLL) by using the SDK (note that only a Japanese version is available).

  • Check passwords and serial numbers during installation
  • Overwrite files according to the system status
  • Change the extraction folder dynamically

However, Web Technology cannot provide technical support for problems specific to programs developed by the user.

Where can the “Extension module SDK” for EXEpress 6 be downloaded?
Do we need licenses for each PC in order to install on multiple PCs?

The number of licenses must be equal to the maximum number of PCs running EXEpress 6 Pro at the same time.

For example, if one user is running EXEpress 6 Pro on multiple PCs at the same time, one license is required for each PC running the software.

Conversely, even if EXEpress 6 Pro is installed in multiple PCs, only one license is required if the program is only run on one PC at a time.


When the company developing the software and the company distributing the software are different, which should purchase the EXEpress 6 Pro license?

If the developer and the distributor are different, please have the developing company purchase EXEpress 6 Pro.