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Web Technology Corp. merged with CRI Middleware Co., Ltd., on October 1, 2021. Information about Web Technology Corp. before the merger is available on the "Archives" page.

“Technology to benefit society.”

I founded Web Technology in 1991, when the term "IT" was still unknown. About 5 years before that, I started writing magazine articles for developers and technical books while completing my studies. I have been interested in contributing to improving the quality of Japanese software since the dawn of the PC industry era. I started this business for the same reason.

We are fortunate to have developed a tool that has become the de facto standard for the Japanese game industry. We also receive high praise from overseas. While development environments and technology have evolved and changed, this company has survived for 20 years thanks to our customers rewarding our on-going stance of meeting the needs of society.

Our mission is not just providing "products" but also "solutions" to problems. We communicate with our customers and assist them in identifying problems. Solving them together, we are happy that our customers consider us to be essential. We can contribute to society through the power of the technology that we are bringing forth in this way. This belief guides our actions.

Web Technology assists creators in their efforts to produce the highest quality work.

Web Technology Corp.
CEO, Terumasa KODAKA
terumasa kodaka

Our Mission

CEO's Biography

1986- Started contributing to PC magazines and publications while an undergraduate.
1991 Completed Master's degree in Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University.
Established Web Technology Corp.
1992 Published "PC-9801 Super Technic" from Ascii Publishing
1994 Published "UNDOCUMENTED 9801/9821" from Impress Publishing
1998-2003 Part-time Assistant Professor at Keio University
2003 Contributed to "100 Computer Masterpieces and Classics" from Impress Publishing
Established Web Technology Com Corp.
2009- present Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) Steering Committee Sponsorship Work Group Leader
2010 Established ComiPo! LLP
2014 Delivered an invited lecture on “Introduction to Industrial Design” at the Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering in Faculty of Science and Engineering in Chuo University.
2018 Appointed as Executive Officer of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.