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Web Technology Corp. merged with CRI Middleware Co., Ltd., on October 1, 2021. Information about Web Technology Corp. before the merger is available on the "Archives" page.

Company Name Web Technology Corp.
  • Planning and Development of Software and ASP Services
  • Distribution and Leasing of Software and ASP Service
Established February 13, 1991
Capital 10,000,000 (JPY)
President & CEO KODAKA, Terumasa

Who We Are

For over 15 years, Web Technology Corp. has been supporting application, game, and web development by providing products and services based on OPTPiX image optimization technology, which is recognized as the best in the industry.

Striving to make our technology better, we continue to support developers as they work to improve quality and efficiency and to realize their dreams.

In addition to useful and unique products utilizing OPTPiX image optimization technology, we also focus on “proposal-based” contract development that enables our customers to meet their potential and realize their ideals.

App / Game
  • OPTPiX imésta
  • OPTPiX SpriteStudio
Amusement / Embedded
  • OPTPiX imésta
  • OPTPix SpriteStudio
  • ComiPo!
  • EXEpress