Version 6.5.0 Release Note (July 28th, 2020)

* [Pro]:Professional license only.

New Features

Additions and improvements

  • Layout
    • Refined adding bone parts more intuitive.
      • Switch to “Add Bone” mode then a new bone is created from drag start point to mouse cursor point by left-drag.
      • To rotate or scale a layouted bone parts in “Add Bone” mode, drag the ring pressing Alt key.
    • Added new selection methods by lasso(Alt + Left-drag) and rectangle(Shift + Left-drag) in “Edit Deform” mode.
    • In “Edit Deform” mode, vertex movement unit is now floating decimal number. Pressing Shift key changes the unit to integer number as before.
    • “Set Color Label” command is now accessible on the context menu on parts.
    • Now you can move joint parts independently without moving children such as bone parts by turning off the “Parental Relation” switch.
    • Double click inside black area to open a project while no project loaded.
  • Frame Control
    • Parts Tree
      • Made the way to move parts position more comfortable.
        • By mouse: While left-dragging, if the mousr cursor position is on the left half of the part’s name then the dragged part moves in front/back of the target part, on the right half, the dragged part moves in child of the target part.
        • By keyboard: Pressing Tab key moves active part to lower layer, pressing Shift + Tab key moves the part to upper layer.
    • Timeline
      • “Copy/Paste Parameters” command is now accessible.
    • The row of locked parts becomes darkened for better recognition.
  • Mesh Editor
    • Left-clicking area outside vertices clears selection. (when at least one vertex is selected)
    • Vertex movement unit is now floating decimal number. Pressing Shift key changes the unit to integer number as before.
  • Sequence
    • Now the range and name of an animation shows on timeline.
    • Invalid sequence item becomes red.
    • Empty sequence data is added by default when you create a new sequence file.
  • Animation
    • [Runtime] Mask parts in a source animation refered from an instance now work as mask.
  • Curve Editor
    • Reduced zoom step by wheel for smoother control.
  • Project Windows
    • Now keeps folder expand/fold status even if you add or delete file or item such as animation.
  • Edit features
    • Resize Animation: Resizes also the length of bone parts along with the ratio.
  • General
    • Now you can rename by left-click on the active renamable item such as part, cell, and animation.


The following defects have been fixed.

  • Even after the warning “Found a problem in binding between mesh and bone parts.” is shown, fixed the problem and the files are saved, then the warning shows again when you reopen the project.
  • Edit Cell: Moving pivot with “Keeps layout…” option enabled might crash rarely.
  • Layout: In the case that a project has multiple ssae files, layout does not reflesh even when a current animation is changed by project tree.
  • Instance Setting: Editing play speed with decimal point was awkward.
  • Animation Edit: Duplicating bone parts tree takes away source weights to destination’s.
  • Resize Animation: This command changes edit mode to Setup and also changes active animation to Setup forcefully but after the operation, the active animation is not restored and becomes invalid status.
  • Color Picker:[mac] The bottom of window sometimes lacks.
  • Project: An access violation occurs when removed a missing sequence file.
  • Project: An access violation occurs when failed to read cellmap file.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.