Export to the specific version Window

This feature has been added in Ver.6.5.

The “Export to the specific version” feature can be used to export SpriteStudio data in an older version of the format.

Please use it when you need data for an older version of SSPlayer If you save the data to “Ver.5.8”, the mesh/bone function, the mask function and the and other features that are not present in the specified version are not supported. Please note.

The “Export to the specific version” dialog opens by selecting “Export to the specific version” in the “Project” menu of the menu bar.


Function Description

Output Version

Specify the version to be saved.

Output Folder

Specify the folder in which to save the file.

Open output folder when finished.

Open the folder you saved when the save is complete.

Do not save the files, test only.

It does not save the file, but performs a test of the conversion to the data to be saved.

Log warning only.

Converts the data to the specified version and saves it. Only warnings will be output to the log.

Remove Setup data. (for 5.8 only)

Deletes the Setup data and outputs it.

Valid only when “5.8” is specified as the save version.


Save in the specified version of the format to the “Output Folder”.


Closes the dialog without processing.

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