• Added "Registry keys to delete when uninstalling" to "EXEpress Uninstaller settings".
  • Changed to save the uninstall information data, previously embedded in "epuninst.exe" created in the extraction folder, to a separate file called "epuninst. $$$".
  • Changed to allow to start uninstallation by directly executing "epuninst.exe" in the installation folder when EXEpress uninstaller is enabled.
  • Improved "Restrict the OS versions that can run the self-extracting executable file".
    • Added "Windows Server 2019" to options.
    • Changed "Unknown Windows Client" and "Unknown Windows Server" to "Windows 10 and later Windows Client" and "2019 and later Windows Server" respectively.
      • Check this option to run on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.
  • Other minor bug fixes and notation corrections.