Version.5.6.1 Releasenote (Jan.22nd, 2016)

Changes of Ver.5.6.0 is here.


For version 5.6.0 users, please upgrade to this version 5.6.1 because the version includes an important bug fix.
* The fixed bug is that SpriteStudio cannot boot up on a computer which has never been installed SpriteStudio.


  •  FrameControl/Layout: Added an option to add default keys on the frame of time slider by pushing Ctrl key when you create a new part.
    * If you do not push Ctrl key, default keys are always added on zero frame.


  • Boot: SpriteStudio cannot boot up by access violation if “SpriteStudio” folder does not exist under “My Documents”(“Documents” on Mac) folder.
  • Layout: Current frame always indicates zero on Time tab.
  • Layout: Circle edge of current part is always drawn when selected “Circle(Absolute Value)” for Collision Detection.