OPTPiX SpriteStudio Ver.6 Releasenote

Version.5.6.1 Releasenote (Jan.22nd, 2016)

Changes of Ver.5.6.0 is here.


For version 5.6.0 users, please upgrade to this version 5.6.1 because the version includes an important bug fix.
* The fixed bug is that SpriteStudio cannot boot up on a computer which has never been installed SpriteStudio.


  •  FrameControl/Layout: Added an option to add default keys on the frame of time slider by pushing Ctrl key when you create a new part.
    * If you do not push Ctrl key, default keys are always added on zero frame.


  • Boot: SpriteStudio cannot boot up by access violation if “SpriteStudio” folder does not exist under “My Documents”(“Documents” on Mac) folder.
  • Layout: Current frame always indicates zero on Time tab.
  • Layout: Circle edge of current part is always drawn when selected “Circle(Absolute Value)” for Collision Detection.