Version.5.6.0 Releasenote (Jan.18th, 2016)

New Features

Shortcut keys are now customizable.

At this moment, You need to use an external tool, such as “SsKeyBindingEditor”, to edit key settings.
Please see below for the information about download and usage.

Edit: Added a function to scale key frame position.

The function allows you to adjust key frame position automatically along with changing the animation frame length.

  1. When you change total frames on the bottom of FrameControl, a dialog “Do you scale key frame position?” shows up, select “Yes” to perform it.
  2. Or in Project view, select the animation and show context menu, then select “Scale Animation Length”.
    – Label positions are also adjusted.

FrameControl: Added a function to put a color label on the parts.

  • Select a part on the parts tree, select “Set Color Label” on context menu.
  • You can also set a same label onto selected multiple parts.

Rendering: Now supported animated png export.

* This feature applies differential compression so the file size can be reduced.


Simplified Undo/Redo behaviour.

    • Modifications to multiple files can be undone at a time.
    • Always available if any window is active.
    • You can realize that Undo/Redo is available by looking at the status of undo/redo buttons on the tool bar.
    • Now following actions are undoable.
      • “Add/Delete/Duplicate/Rename animation” commands./li>
      • Adding new cells into destination cellmap during “Changeing Cellmap Reference” operation.
    • Notice: Changing reference image of cellmap and resizing animation invoked after the operation needs two undos.


      • Clarified selection range and the target will be modified.
        • Chart selection
          • Toggle On/Off on selection by Ctrl + Left Click(or T key).
          • Clear selection completely by left-click outside the selection.
        • Specify the target
          • Draw aqua line on the edge of active attributee line. (Always draw on the edge of active part at the previous version.)
          • Time slider color only turns into red from yellow when you have selection.
          • Show “n item(s) selected” when you have selection.
        • Change the target
          • If you have selection, the selection can be modified, otherwise, the current frame where time slider points can be modified.
          • However you can copy/cut/delete only the key at the current frame.
        • Playback range
          • Extandable by Shift + Left Click outside the range after fixed.
            * That means you can extend over the visible range by the operation after scroll.
        • Control for attribute line
          • Added “Fold All Attribute Lines” on context menu on the part tree.
          • Added an option “Expand attribute line of active part only” in Preferences.
            • if the option is checked then click [+] button on the tree, only the attribute line of active part expands and the other attribute lines of other parts are folded.
            • Also if you click [-] button, the attribute lines of all parts are folded.
      • Now jumping to previous/next key frame by pushing A/D key targets to the current attribute while focusing attribute line.


      • Now jumping to previous/next key frame by pushing A/D key targets to the current attribute while focusing attribute line.
      • View position now does not reset even when you change animation or change parental relation of parts.
        * Push F key to reset view position like before.
      • Instance can be placed where you drop as the same as cell.
      • Status of the parental relation independent translation mode which toggled by pushing R key displays on information tab.


      • Finally you can zoom by wheel, also pan by middle-drag(or space key + left-drag) in addition to the old control.
      • Now scroll when you are dragging selection out of the window.
      • Open “Edit Cell” dialog and focus its name input box when you create a new cell. (as the same on Cell List)

Edit Cell

      • Now undoable by Ctrl+Z/Y or context menu while opening the dialog.
      • Now fix change and close the dialog when you push Enter key inside name input box.


      • Always add a new key at 0 frame without relation to time slider when you add a part.
      • Initial value of first size X/Y attribute key refers to the size of reference cell.
      • Changed inheritance setting of root part of new animation into “Use Individual Settings”.

Curve Editor

      • Synchronizes key selection with FrameControl chart selection.
      • Multiple key movement is now available.

Main Menu

      • Added a command “Play/Stop (Ctrl + P)” to toggle playback status in Animation menu.
      • Moved playback commands to Animation menu.


        • When you add a file, the file will be focused, and when you remove or delete a file, previous file will be focused, then scroll to the position where the focused file can be shown.
        • Show warning when you remove or reload file not saved yet.

Message Dialog

        • Texts are selectable and copiable to clipboard.
          * Open context menu instead of Ctrl + C to copy on Windows.
        • Fixed an issue that the dialog can be hidden behind the parent window.


        • English notation puts down with Japanese on language setting.
        • Maximum value of instance stack can be specified.
          • Change instanceStackMax tag value in SsOption.ssop file and save it while SpriteStudio is not running.
          • Please note that limit the value within reasonable value on your runtime environment


  • Disabled collision detection for instance parts because players do not support it currently.
  • Limited available attributes of root part correctly if “Limit to Ver.4 compatible functions” in Project Settings is checked.

Color Blend

Made color change response faster and removed the possibility to occur an access violation.


Made it clear that an each item of Web Technology update is linked to the page for further information.
* Open browser by single click an each item.


  • Reduced CPU utilization.


      • Project: Cell map file position is not sorted by name right after added.
      • Project: Crashes when selected an animation which has abnormal data such as no keys but key list exists.
      • Project: Update marker disappears when duplicated updated file.
      • Edit: An access violation occurs when you copy and paste, delete or change attribute value against a part having no keys.
      • Edit: Saving and restoring selection is inconsistent when performed Undo/Redo.
      • Change/Reload Reference Image: In the dialog opened when detected image size change, selecting “Cancel” actually performs as the same as “No”.
      • Change Reference Image: Always referenced image is changed even if you select cancel.
      • Change Cellmap Reference: Cannot change image if source cellmap does not exist in project.
      • Edit User Data: Delete key does not work in string input box.
      • FrameControl: Attribute selection is saved after removed all of keys entirely so that adding key performs unintentionally to the selection.
      • FrameControl: Adding new keys in chart selections cannot apply to them entirely.
      • FrameControl: Playback range and labels remain outside frame range after shrinked frame length.
        * Now protruded playback range is cut out and labels are moved to last frame.
      • FrameControl: Uninterpolatable attribute(e.g. hide, h/v flip, etc) happens to have default interpolation type when added a key before the top key at that time.
      • Grid Size: An error message pops up and app freezes when entered zero or huge value and then pushed OK button.
      • Rendering/Make Sprite Sheet: Cannot progress while closing Layout window.
      • Exporter: Value of X/Y image offset key which is generated from referenced cell key happens to have linear interpolation. (Degrade since v5.5.0)
      • Others: Fixed other minor bugs.