banner use bannerbmpSettings for the banner displayed on the start page for self-extracting programs are in the [Detailed Settings: Banner] dialog box.


new style wizardA banner image such as that used for websites is displayed on the start screen for the self-extracting program.

This image uses a BMP image contained in the archive file. Any size can be used, but an image of about 256 x 64 pixels can be displayed. Normally, 88 x 31, 200 x 40, and 234 x 60 pixel images are used.

Click the [Browse Archive] button to specify the image to use.

When this option is turned off, the self-extracting program icon (32 x 32 pixels) is displayed in place of the banner.

Do not extract this file

The file used here should not be placed in the installation folder.

Show web page when clicked

show web page when clickedWhen the banner (or icon) image is clicked, the browser starts and the specified website is displayed.


Specifies text to display a dialog to verify “Is it OK to start the browser?” You can set to display the message separately in Japanese and English.

If the message is left blank, the dialog is not displayed and the browser is directly opened.


To specify the URL of the webpage.