Ver.6.42 (2023/11/20)

  • Fixed a bug where when running epcomp on the command line and specifying a directory as the source, the first character of the stored file name would be omitted if “\” was added at the end.
  • When specifying a manifest that does not elevate administrator privileges, we have strengthened the check to ensure that functions that require administrator privileges are not enabled.
  • Fixed a problem with update operation when running in a non-Japanese environment.

Ver.6.41 (2022/01/20)

  • Fixed a problem in which the “Execute file after extraction” and “Execute file before starting uninstallation” functions of self-extracting executable files failed to execute if either of the following conditions were met.
    • If the type of file to be executed requires a specific command line format, such as packages for the Windows Installer (.msi).
    • If the file to be executed is a batch file (.bat) whose name contains “&”.

Ver.6.40 (2021/11/04)

  • Updated the “Restrict the OS versions that can start the self-extracting file” feature to support Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
  • Renamed the “Files to be copied to another folder” function to “Files/Folders extracted to a separate folder” after adding the handling of folders.
  • Added the “Execute file before starting uninstallation” option to the EXEpress Uninstaller settings.
  • Added an API for the development of extension modules.
  • Enabled the passing of information from “Execute file after extraction” to the process started by “Automatic Execution” as environment variables.
  • Fixed a problem in which a self-extracting executable file with a 32bit program type, when created by specifying the “System directory” as the reference folder for decompression, would refer to the 64bit system folder in some of the shortcuts created when running on 64bit Windows.
  • Made various minor behavioral improvements and fixes.

Ver.6.30 (2020/04/07)

  • Added “Registry keys to delete when uninstalling” to “EXEpress Uninstaller settings”.
  • Changed to save the uninstall information data, previously embedded in “epuninst.exe” created in the extraction folder, to a separate file called “epuninst. $$$”.
  • Changed to allow to start uninstallation by directly executing “epuninst.exe” in the installation folder when EXEpress uninstaller is enabled.
  • Improved “Restrict the OS versions that can run the self-extracting executable file”.
    • Added “Windows Server 2019” to options.
    • Changed “Unknown Windows Client” and “Unknown Windows Server” to “Windows 10 and later Windows Client” and “2019 and later Windows Server” respectively.
      • Check this option to run on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.
  • Other minor bug fixes and notation corrections.

Ver.6.22 (2017/07/06)

  • EXEpress 6 Pro now allows the purchase method to be confirmed and the purchase website to be opened from within the message displayedwhen the trial period expires.
  • Changed the design of the EXEpress description shown in the wizard for self-extracting executable files created with the lite version.
  • Added “Hide EXEpress description in the wizard” to the “Design” page in EXEpress 6 Pro. The description is shown by default.
  • The version resource for self-extracting executable files was only English resources for the Japanese and English in 6.20, but Japanese language resources were added back.
  • Added an introduction to the example introduction website that introduces products in production (self-extracting executable files) when creating self-extracting executable files.
  • Fixed the bug that caused processing to fail when using DLL files that specify a destination for the System folder in “COM server registration” with modules having a different number of bits (e.g., registering a 32-bit DLL from a 64-bit self-extracting executable file).
  • Other small bug fixes and description revisions.

Ver.6.21 (2017/03/16)

  • Fixed a problem that the file size of generated self-extracting executable was unnecessarily large.

Ver.6.20 (2017/03/14)

  • Expanded the “Show copyright information” on the main page to a maximum of 192 characters.
    Also supported wraparound display on self-extracting executable for a maximum of 3 lines.
  • Expanded functionality in the “Register shortcut” page.
  • Enhanced the “Other options” item in the “Uninstaller” page.
  • Changed the UI related to the wizard style and enhanced functionality in the “Design” page.
  • Improved specification of the bootable OS on the “Process before startup” page and added Windows Server 2016 to the bootable OS check.
  • Added “Skip ‘Installation Complete’ page” to the “Automatic execution” page.
  • When the environment variable (%EnvName%) is included in the extraction destination path name, that variable is expanded and used.
  • When a file named “$epskip$.$$$” is included in the archive, that file is always skipped during extraction. In this way, saving empty folders can be simulated.
  • In “Register COM server/ActiveX control” function, registration and unregistration of
    • a 32-bit DLL from a 64-bit version self-extracting executable
    • a 64-bit DLL from a 32-bit version self-extracting executable
      can be performed.
      Previously, only DLLs with the same bit code as the self-extracting executable could be registered / unregistered.

Ver.6.12 (2017/01/26)

  • Fixed some probrems when executing self-extractable archives on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 (R1).

Ver.6.11 (2016/12/13)

  • Fixed a DLL search path vulnerability in self-extractable archive.