Overview :

OPTPiX iMageStudio for PSP® is the tool you ever waited. Saving time & money and PSP® optimal image creation can be realized by only one tool.



Features :

Alpha Blending Color Reduction

Alpha Blending Color Reduction Sample

The major full color retouch software, such as Adobe® Photoshop® cannot apply color reduction on an alpha plane. To limit the size of texture while using various effects of transparency by Alpha value of many phases, we have to benefit from an indexed color with a RGBA palette.

Creating optimized RGBA palette achieved by the ultimate color reduction engine, iMageStudio is, on the other hand, enable to produce an indexed color image with RGBA palette of less than 256 colors from a full color image including alpha channel (32 bit RGBA).

Alpha Blending Color Reduction Function does not simply apply color reduction to RGB + Alpha. iMageStudio offers a parameter for tuning Alpha Color Reduction, which is based on the newly developed algorithm for efficiently producing a palette with alpha value. By varying a parameter that allows sensitive controls of the color reduction engine characteristics, iMageStudio accomplishes the best optimized palette with alpha channel without distracting image quality.

Alpha Blending Color Reduction Sample

Image Conversion and Color Equalizer

[Image Conversion]

You can convert full color image to "PSP" specific image format such as RGBA4444, RGBA5551, RGBA5650 and RGBA8888. With the dithering and error diffusion rendering method, you can convert the image with minimum deterioration.

Furthermore, you can apply Color Equalizer while converting the image format. The Color Equalizer will adjust the difference of color appearance on PC monitor and "PSP". The image appearance on "PSP" will be almost equal to the appearance on PC displays.

* "PSP Color Equalizer" is also available with Color Reduction function.

Color Equalizer

[Color Equalizer]

OPTPiX iMageStudio for PSP equips "Color Equalizer", which executes Color Reduction operations regarding the output character of PSP LCD.

With this function, a graphic artist can generate images optimized for PSP LCD and reproduce the same colors, drawn on a PC screen, on PSP LCD.

Other Features :

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Software LCD simulator for "PSP"

Even when you cannot use "PSP" development tool, you can check the color appearance on "PSP" LCD by "software LCD simulator for PSP". This function emulates "PSP" LCD on Windows display.

Remote Display

You can output an image editing on iMageStudio instantly to LCD of "PSP" via its development tool. iMageStudio provides simultaneous operation of checking image colors on "PSP" and editing the image on a PC.

MIPMAP texture optimal for PSP

Prepare an original image. With the image alone, iMageStudio will produce MIPMAP images for PSP instantly. If the original image were in Direct Color, apply "MIPMAP Color Reduction" function powered by iMageStudio's ultimate color reduction engine. The color reduction results would be still in very high quality while they are in small sizes.

Support "PSP" file format

OPTPiX iMageStudio supports "PSP" exclusive GIM format, various types of RGB levels, and MIPMAP format for loading, saving and editing.

Support S3TC formats

You can load and save DDS files of S3TC compressed DXT1 to DXT5 formats. At saving, iMageStudio automatically compresses an image with a specified S3TC format.

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