Version 6.6.2 (Windows) Release Note (August 24th, 2021)

  • This version is only available for Windows.

New features

  • Added sspkg export.
    • The sspkg file is a package that contains .sspj, other SpriteStudio files, images, and .ssfb file which is used by SS6Player for Web.
    • You can use sspkg file to share your SpriteStudio project on a desgin review tool “Brushup” provided by ©Brushup Inc.
    • Currently this feature is under Beta version and is only provided on Windows.


  • Layout
    • Added “Highlight Focus part” mode.
      In this mode, the part whose pivot is nearest from mouse cursor and is a target to be selected is shown at foreground, and other parts become transparent.
  • Color picker
    • Added a support for entering hexadecimal format like #RRGGBB.


  • Instance setting dialog’s left top position is now based on mouse cursor such as other setting dialogs.
  • Supported automatic proxy detection only when the floating cloud authentication is selected.
  • [Windows only] Now SpriteStudio confirms to save if there is an unsaved file during shutting down OS.

Other changes

  • Expanded “Max reference image size” in “New Project Default Settings” from 4096 x 4096 to 8192 x 8192.


The following defects have been fixed.

  • Crash: A crash very rarely occurs when moving the time slider while displaying an animation with many parts, including instance parts.
  • Crash: If the canvas size is portrait or landscape, the preview window may not be magnified and crash.
  • Rendering: Uncompressed AVI2.0 may stop at certain times.
  • Other: When reloading an image that exceeds the maximum size of the reference image in the project settings, the bitmap generation process does not work correctly.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.