Version 6.6.1 (macOS 64bit) Release Note (July 1st, 2021)

  • This version is only available for 64bit macOS.

OS Support

  • Added support for macOS Big Sur(11) and macOS Catalina(10.15).
    Note:Although this is for Macs with Intel CPU, it can also run on Macs with Apple M1 chip by using Rosetta 2.


  • Reduced CPU load: The CPU load while displaying the cell map has been reduced.
    For this purpose, the following two specifications have been changed.

    • Position and size overlay of a focused cell has been moved to the bottom edge.
    • The focus frame of a cell is no longer animated.
  • For major windows such as layout, attribute, and frame control, the shortcut keys now work even when the IME is turned on.
  • For edit boxes where only numbers can be entered, it is now possible to enter numbers without turning off the IME.
  • Cell List
    • When dragging a cell, a blue horizontal line is now displayed at the position where the cell will be dropped.

macOS 64bit specific issues

  • Edit Brush
    • Changing hardness and strength cannot be reflected to the sample image.
  • Cell List
    • The bitmap of dragging object does not display.
  • Frame Control
    • Dragging part’s name does not display. A line which indicates a drop position shows as before.
  • Startup time: If you choose the floating cloud license, the process may take 10~30 seconds.
    This may vary depending on the network condition and hardware specification.

Apple M1 chip Mac specific issue

  • The Mask function does not work properly.
    Mask parts can be manipulated, but the effect of Mask parts cannot be displayed properly.