Version 6.5.2 Release Note (December 3rd, 2020)


  • Supported floating license activation on the cloud server.
  • Project Settings: Added an option “Max instance stack” value in Compatibility -> Other.


  • Layout: Changed the place of Parental Relation switch from information tab to the tool bar.

Other changes

  • Preferences: Turned on the option to show Popup Tool Box by pressing Space key as default.


The following defects have been fixed.

  • After double-clicking sspj file on explorer/finder or dropping them onto SpriteStudio then pressing space key, application freezes.
  • If a project includes some invalid animations, application happens to occur an exception due to misunderstanding that there is a problem in binding of bone.
  • A mesh part sometimes happens to play in Setup mode so that it does not follow a bound bone.
  • “Add keys from Setup” command to a mesh part happens to make a cell reference key so that the behaviour generated a problem that a change cannot be reflected to Frame Control instantly.
  • Frame Control: The tool button “Jump to Source Animation” is enabled at the initial time if it is supposed to be disabled.
  • After selecting vertices with lasso in deform edit mode, then go to another animation without leaving the mode and left-drag, selection restarts with last lasso.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.