Version 6.5.1 Release Note (September 24th, 2020)


  • SpriteStudio supports a new license lineup, Starter and Business from this version.
  • Preview window is enhanced with the following features:
    • Playback independently from Frame Control.
    • Instance/Effect with independent flag works as on a runtime.
      • While you modify setup data and you can see animation side by side.
      • * Modification in Effect Editor can only be reflected when it’s closed.
    • Edit result is reflected to animated preview in a real time.
    • Supports zoom in/out.
      • * You cannot zoom out less than 240 x 240 pixel that is the window minimum size.


  • Resize
    • Confirmation dialog after found the change of image size is now consolidated to be shown just once.As a result, it prevents to resize multiple times unintentionally.
  • Frame Control
    • “Include/Exclude Child Selection” command are added on right-click menu.
    • Now you can move a part to the top of the parent part.
      • When you drag a part on the space between parts, if the cursor position is on the upper side of the space then the dragged part moves to the next of the upper (not to be child), if the position is on the lower side then the dragged part moves to the previous of the lower.
    • While multiple parts are selected, if you deselect a non-active part by Ctrl + left-click, the active is not changed.
  • Shader
    • Now you can adjust parameters finely.
    • While focusing slider, the step by mouse wheel becomes 0.1, the step by pushing arrow key becomes 0.01.
  • Project
    • The available maximum image/cellmap size expanded to 8192.
      • You can change this value in Project Settings.
      • Maximum output size of “Optimize Cell Map” also expanded.
  • Sequence
    • Clarified UI texts.
    • Associated .ssqe file with SpriteStudio.
  • Others
    • Rename does not invoke when you click an item on an inactive window.
    • Now you can reinput license key by reboot after failed to activate.

Other changes

  • Warns an overlap of shader ID between preset and custom.
  • Made SpriteStudio bootable with some limitation even if there is a lack of OpenGL extension.
  • Changed the behaviour for NPOT (Non Power Of Two) Texture.
    • Project Settings: Added an option to allow to use NPOT texture. if the option is checked, never warning reports even if you import NPOT texture file as a reference image.
    • Now custom shader and color blend can be applied to the part which refers the NPOT texture.
    • Wrap mode for NPOT texture is now available. As a result, repeat/mirror works correctly with UV animation even for NPOT texture.


The following defects have been fixed.

  • Project Window: Cell List is still disabled after focus changed from sequence to cellmap.
  • Preferences: In GUI draw method, although GDI+ is chosen but DirectX is actually used if you never change the method since you installed SpriteStudio.
  • File creation: The end frame of Setup is 10. That may occur a problem on some runtimes.
  • Convert Deprecated Features: Modifed settings always saved even if you push cancel button.
  • Effect Editor: An unnamed emitter/particle’s node name becomes empty.
  • WebTechnology Update:Character becomes corrupted in Chinese language mode when running on Japanese Windows.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.