Version 6.4.0 Release Note (December 19th, 2019)

* [Pro]:Professional license only.

New Features

  • Custom Shader [Pro]
    • SpriteStudio imports your own custom shader and draw with it, then expands your expressive power.
    • Shader is applied to selected parts and optional parameters can be interpolated as a key for animatation.
    • Sample shaders such as mosaic, blur, noise, and HSB modification will be published in the near future.
  • Optimize Cellmap [Pro] [Labs]
    • This feature packs multiple cellmaps and referenced images into a single one.
    • This ignores unreferenced cells from animation and packs to minimize them so that the size of packed texture and number of them can be reduced.
    • * This feature is added as experimentation in OPTPiX Labs menu.
  • Signal Attribute [Pro] [β]
    • This is an attribute that customizable for various user needs, especially this is useful for adding some event information.
    • You can add commands and optional parameters on GUI.
    • * This feature is added as Beta functionality for experimentation.
  • Animation Sequence [Pro] [β]
    • This feature gives you to make a playlist composed of multiple animations.
    • You can specify the number of repeat, behaviour such as loop, stop, and rewind when finished.
    • This feature is useful to make a long single animation from combination of multiple animations.
    • * This feature is added as Beta functionality for experimentation.
  • Guideline/Ruler
    • You can add a vertical/horizontal guide line as much as you need on Layout window, and the part you drag will be snapped on the line.
    • This feature makes it much easier that alignment for UI controls such as button/panel, or putting a character’s foot on the ground.
  • Flip key position in selected range
    • This feature flips key position horizontally in selected range on Frame Control.
    • This reduces your hand working for making a round trip motion.
    • For example, if you make a jump motion, you can get the downward motion by steps like below:
      1. 1.Make keys for a leap upward motion.
      2. 2.Copy the keys to the frame after the upward motion keys.
      3. 3.Apply this function to the copied keys.


  • Supported AVI2.0
    • Now you can output the uncompressed AVI file (OpenDML) without size limitation.
  • Preview Window [β]
    • This window represents the simple picture without any edit information such as grid/guideline/focus frame to see actual rendering result.
    • In next version, this will reflect aspect of camera, independent time cycle which instance and effect parts have.
    • * This feature is added as Beta functionality for experimentation.
  • Console
    • This shows you warning and error message on floating window.
    • You can filter the message by level such as information, warning, error to focus important message for you.
    • A latest message always displays on the top of the main window.
    • If you get some warning or error message, notification dot shows on the right hand of the latest message.
  • Reset Deform
    • Added a button to reset vertex offsets at the right hand of Deform on Attribute Window.
  • Moving the part’s pivot on Layout window.
    • Now you can move the part’s pivot by unlock pivot offset edit on Layoutwindow.
    • The target you modify is not the pivot of cell, but the pivot offset of the part you focus.
  • Jump to previous/next label.
    • Added Jump to previous/next label commands on the context menu on the ruler on Frame Control.
  • Supported simplified Chinese text.


  • Supported multiple processes and copy and paste between projects. [Pro]
    • Now you can run multiple processes simultaneously and copy and paste parts and keys between discrete processes is available.
  • Supported scroll by mouse-drag on Frame Control.
    • Space key + left-drag, or middle-drag performs scroll on Frame Control.
  • Supported moving cell pivot and X/Y position adjustment for rotated or scaled parts
    • Now “Keep layout” option in Edit Cell works considering for the parts which are rotated or scaled by maximum effort.
    • * There is a notice before using it. please see more details in help center.
  • “Change referenced cellmap” to specified parts and range.
    • You can apply change to only the selection in frame control.
  • Extended “Copy (Key Only)” command.
    • Attribute selection is stored in a slot, and you can name it, change the slot as you need.
  • Input UV X/Y Translation value as Pixel.
    • Now you can input UV X/Y Translation value as Pixel.
    • You will be able to make a key more intuitively when you want to move a texture as pixel unit.
    • Also you can change the unit as Ratio or Pixel in Project settings.
  • Now initial joint part position aligns to the pivot of current part.

Other changes

  • Layout: Rotation or scale for Constraint/Bone point parts can be changed by handle on focus frame.
  • Preferences: Added an option to target the keys of expanded child parts to copy even when they are unselected.


  • Layout:
    • Mouse cursor does not change while hovering it on handle after dropping parts.
    • [mac] Mouse cursor does not change while hovering it on rotaton handle.
    • On Layout window, Shift + arrow key does not work as 8 pixel unit movement.
  • Cellmap:
    • If there is a referenced cell key in Setup data, UV animation frame does not appear even when you animate UV X/Y translation.
    • Selection frame does not follow to mouse cursor.
  • File read: Cellmap file happens to be unmarked as modified even when the file was corrected while loading.
  • Rendering: Blend result of instance part does not become correct.
  • Anime List: Thumbnail image does not show in correct.
  • Frame Control: An exception occurs or application freezes when over 33 multibyte characters are input in label.
  • Cell list:”Add Mask Parts” command on the context menu is disabled when bone part is active.
  • Effect Editor: The X/Y position box of Layout Scale is swapped by mistake.
  • Curve Editor: If you move cursor and paste key at once by right-click, despite cursor moves, where key pasted becomes the frame before movement.
  • Project: If you change cellmap and resize animation by changing X/Y size of referenced image, the Cellmap file is not marked as modified.
  • Project Settings: Premultiplied alpha settings are still disabled even when you reset on compatibility page.
  • Animation Edit: Once mesh parts in the tree of bone parts get applied a weight, bone parts and mesh parts under the tree becomes not duplicatable.
  • Animation Edit: When you add a joint part after added a mesh part, the joint part becomes the child of the mesh part unintentionally. (-> Changed it from child to sibling.)