Version 6.3.0 Release Note (June 4th, 2019)

Improvements for editing mesh and bones


  • Now you can move multiple vertices selected by pushing ctrl + left-click.
    * Further improved select method will be added in next update.
  • To edit vertices, push “Edit Deform” button on the top of the Layout window or pushing ‘V’ key to toggle edit mode.
    * You can change the shortcut key with SsKeyBindingEditor.

Ease restrictions
What you can do from this version are following:

  • [Parts structure] Add mesh parts independently without joint parts.
  • [Parts structure] Add multiple mesh parts under a joint part.
  • [Parts structure] Add parts under mesh parts.
  • [Parts structure] Add normal parts under bone parts.
  • [Editing and deleting meshed cell] In Animation mode, you can open Cell Editor and Mesh Editor for meshed cell and also can perform “Unmesh” for it.
  • [Editing and deleting meshed cell] In Animation mode, you can delete mesh parts if it is not binded to bone parts.
  • [Editing and deleting meshed cell] Open Cell Editor by double-clicking meshed cell. Select the item on the context menu to open Mesh Editor.
  • Change normal parts into mesh parts.
    1. Modify the cell referenced from a normal part into meshed cell by Mesh Editor.
    2. Choose “Mesh” in Part Type of the part on Attribute Window.

Display improvements

  • Non-active bone parts show more transparently and cut edge line.
  • When a mesh part is selected, bone parts binding to it show boldly.
  • Now the other parts are not darken when bone parts are selected.


  • Added a button “Auto weight calculation” on Layout window, that allows you to disable/enable automatic weight recalculation performed each time you edit something related to weight.


Frame Control

  • Direct frame jump is now available by entering the number where you want to go.

Project Settings

  • Added a new player “SS6Player for Web” on Playback target platform in Compatibility page.
  • Added a new player “Pixel Game Maker MV” on Playback target platform in Compatibility page.

Other improvements

Curve Editor

  • Copying and pasting curve parameters are applied as a function of distance between destination keyframes and amount of their value change.

Layout Info

  • Exchanged the panel position of Background image and Overlay image.



  • Appearance of the parts which blending mode is Sub becomes wrong.
  • An access violation occurs when pushing Output button while Base filename is empty.


  • Mouse cursor blinks while moving the cursor over parts frame and the handle of them.


  • Locked parts can accept adding a key accidentally.


  • Filename to be saved on warning shows itself as %s.


  • “Tree position where parts add by dropping cell” value is never saved in the setting file (macOS only).

Attribute Window

  • IK depth in Constraint IK Settings cannot be changed from initial value “2”.


  • Fixed other minor bugs.