Version 6.2.1 Release Note (September 12th, 2018)


Make Sprite Sheet

  • Now mouse wheel performs zoom in/out and mouse dragging outside the image can scroll.



  • [mac] Pressing the Tab key beeps unmeaningly.

Effect Editor

  • Freezes when closed the window after performing undo/redo several times.
  • Closing Effect Editor, rendering an animation and reopenning Effect Editor corrupts preview.

Select Reference Cell

  • Double-click selects an unintentional cell after scrolling by not wheel but the scroll bar.
  • [mac] Clicking the tag drop-down list is ignored.

Make Sprite Sheet

  • Sometimes freezes if making sheet from the animation that has large reference frame.
  • Semi-transparent pixels are garbled when zooming in the preview ratio over 100%.

Edit Cell

  • [mac] In Retina mac, the size of cell becomes half of the original and the pivot of the cell created in not Retina mac shows outside the cell.

Edit Cell/Mesh Editor

  • [mac] Mouse wheel always performs zoom two times.

Deprecated Features Converter

  • Clicking the drop-down list of “New Platform” on the setting window is ignored.
  • Converting current project after converting in a folder occurs access violation.

File Open/Save Window

  • [mac] Scrolling by touch pad or something else crashes after a short time.

Frame Control

  • End frame is not rearranged by deleting a frame between start and end frames.

Mesh Editor

  • [mac] Pressing “Increase” button rapidly makes number of vertices exceed the upper limit.
  • [mac] Edit area sometimes becomes all white when opened.


  • When clicking the handle of rotation, scale and so on, if the mouse cursor locates outside the frame of active part, sometimes the clicking is ignored and selection becomes off.


  • [win] On a high DPI environment, the handles of rotation or some others become difficult to grasp.
  • Turning off “Enable Mask” makes mask parts always visible even if the Hide attribute is true or the visibility is false.
  • Mesh parts created from cellmap whose W/H size is not power of two are not shown.


  • [mac] Closing project does not release the memory used by texture. (The leaked size is proportional to the loaded image size.)
  • [mac] Loading the file that contains voiced sound symbol, and saving the file makes the information garbled and subsequently loading the file next time may occur the freeze.

Other Changes

  • Now all access to the web such as help center or WebTechnology Update connects via https protocol for security reason.