Version 6.2.0 Release Note (July 24th, 2018)

About [Runtime] tag : The notification for those who use some SDK/Player that requires update to apply the change.

New Features

  • Added the Free-Form Deformation that can modify mesh part per vertex.
  • Added the Ver.5 to Ver.6 converter that translates deprecated features to new standard features.
  • Added the foreground/background image settings on the Layout view.
  • Added the function that tells the location where the specified attribute keys placed at.


Effect Editor

  • Now supported undo, copy-paste of emitter.

Curve Editor

  • Supported copy-paste of curve parameters.


  • Added scale lock button on the tool bar. (next to the rotation lock button)


  • Added GUI Draw Method option to avoid some issues occured on specified environment for Windows PC.



  • Extended the decimal digits of UV X/Y Translation attribute input box to six.


  • Added the notification of the reason such as adding Setup data if the animation marked as modified after loading the animation file.


  • [Runtime] Animation: Now the opacity attribute can always work along with parts color attribute with mix blend per vertex.
  • [Runtime] Effect: Convergent point works even if the coordinate is 0,0.
  • Boot: Now SpriteStudio can go behind when deactivated even while showing splash.
  • File load: Added the notification “[ERR] Failed to bind bones due to invalid value in <meshList>” will show if mesh data includes some invalid values.


Frame Control

  • After copy-paste of multiple parts, the order of parts become different from the source one.


  • Local scale cannot affect the parts selection frame.
  • Dropping a normal cell to Layout window is rejected when selected “Next to active part” in the Layout settings in preferences.
  • Focus frame does not fit the mesh form in Animation data.
  • Weight settings are not updated after changing position/rotation/scale attributes of mesh part in Setup.
  • An image of part corrupts when the image is 24bpp and the premultiplied alpha settings are turned off.

Cell Edit

  • “Keep layout” option does not work if the Setup has cell reference key but the Animation does not have the one.

Mesh Editor

  • Automatic mesh generation fails and application may crash if the cell to be meshed includes another cell’s pixel.
  • Application may crash while initialization of the automatic mesh generation right after opening the window.
  • Pressing Ctr+Z/Ctr+Y does not perform when number box is focused.

Select Reference Cell

  • Double-click happens to select an unwanted cell by scroll bug.

Make Sprite Sheet

  • Cannot input over 100 value in End frame.

Curve Editor

  • Vertical ruler unit of vertex deformation, color blend and parts color, displays wrong such as 0~1.
  • Changing active attribute after clicking another window like Layout occurs an access violation.


  • [Runtime] Animation: Mask influence becomes wrong if there is a hidden part between multiple mask parts.
  • [Runtime] Effect: Application possibly freezes when you start to play setting Fade lower limit to zero.
  • File Loading: An access violation occurs when reading an instance part whose name contains :(colon).
  • [Windows] An access violation possibly occurs when PC goes to sleep mode while booting SpriteStudio.
  • [Windows] SpriteStudio misjudges Windows 10 as Windows 8.
  • boot: WTUpdate window does not close automatically when opening sspj file by double-click and booting SpriteStudio.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.