Version 6.1.0 Release Note (March 22nd, 2018)

New Features

Mesh Edit

    • Added a feature that automatic mesh generation.


    1. Press “Auto” button on the toolbar.
    2. Drag the slider on the “Automatic” panel to adjust the density of a mesh.
    3. Press “Apply” button.


    Attribute Window

    • Added a feature that snapping a child bone pivot to the tip of its parent bone.
      – Usage: Press “Adjust to the tip of parent” button on the “Bone info” panel while selecting bone parts. (Setup data only)

    Project Settings

    • Added an option to enable float value in vertex deformation to make interpolation smoother.

    Frame Control

    • The playback range of instance parts is now indicated [ ] marker on the chart.


    • Added new zoom rates(5/10/15/20%).


    • Now curve handle length is changeable in Curve Editor.


    Mesh Edit

    • Refined UI drastically to reduce your hand working.


    • Globalized the shortcut key to toggle Setup/Animation to enable it while Layout window is inactive.

    Attribute/Project Settings

    • Now the checked attributes showed by Copy (Key Only) are dictated by Playback target platform in Project Settings.

    Effect Edit

    • Increased the limit of Initial Speed to 1000.

    Cell List/Layout

    • Now Joint part get focuesd instead of mesh part when dropped meshed cell onto Layout window.

    Cell List

    • Meshed cell thumbnail is generated based on the bounding box of the mesh shape instead of the cell size.

    Cell List

    • Confirmation shows up before deleting the cell referenced from normal/mesh/effect parts.

    Project Window

    • Double-clicking .ssce file activates Cell Map window, otherwise open the window if it is closed.
    • The fold/expand state of ssae tree can be preserved in .sspj file.

    Frame Control

    • Lengthened vertical bar on the ruler every five frames.


    • Improved parts selection logic.
      • Matched the target parts selected by left-clicking to the parts focused by mouse over.
      • Pressing [ or ] key selects parts under mouse cursor even when no parts are selected.


    • Warning shows when the animation contains attributes which are disabled by project compatibility setting.

    Other Changes


    • : (colon) in part’s name will be changed to _ (underscore) while loading the project because the character has been made unusable since Ver.6.0.


    • Frame Control: Add Label dialog cannot be input when Frame Control window is on the top edge of the screen.
    • Memory consumption inreases every time Mesh Edit opens, then the memory will never be freed until application terminates.
    • Fairly infrequently, in a particular environment, if loading the splash file fails, application terminates at the boot.
    • Color Picker: The color value may be slightly differed after changing by slider and closing, opening the window.
    • Warning shows wrongly when making instance attribute specifying “_start” for start frame and some custom label for end frame.
    • Recalculating weights does not perform for the bone parts below a mesh part on the tree of Frame Control.