Version.5.5.2 Releasenote (Oct.5th, 2015)

This version is for Mac OSX “El Capitan(10.11)”.


  • Color Blend: Made color change response faster and removed the possibility to occur an access violation.
  • General Dialogs: [Mac] Quickened open speed.
    Targets: Rename, Edit color blend, Edit vertex deformation, Edit cell, Edit user data, Color picker, Change grid size, Change IK impact range.


  • General: [Mac][ElCapitan] Resizeable dialogs always become fullscreen while SpriteStudio is in split view or fullscreen mode, and SpriteStudio becomes unstable or uncontrollable after dialogs closed.
  • Installer: [Mac][ElCapitan] Two builds for OSX 10.9 later and 10.8 earlier are copied into the Application folder without renaming.
  • License Activation: [Mac][ElCapitan] An access violation occurs while exiting SpriteStudio after license deactivation.
  • Grid size: Freezes after entering zero or maximal value.
  • Rendering, Make Sprite Sheet: The operation never proceeds while Layout windows is closed or hidden.