Version.5.5.1 Releasenote (Aug.13th, 2015)


This update contains an important change regarding .ssee file compatibility.
This update must be applied to playback effect feature on the SDK and the each player in the future.

And please note that the .ssee file saved by this version cannot be opened by Ver.5.5.0.


  • Layout: Hanging NULL/Effect parts became easier by rectanglular handle.
  • Curve Editor: Now keeps curve handle parameters when key is added, removed or pasted.
  • Effect Editor: Added Guide, Grid show options on the window.
  • Attribute: Now effect selector opens as an another window and added preview.
    * Also this change fixes an issue that items outside window becomes unselectable when too many ssee files are added.
    ssee file: Some tags are moved for an optimization.


  • Project: Effect editor cannot be opened by double-click when folder tab is active.
  • Project: “Save as” command does not work against ssee file.
  • Project: “Effect” does not appear in the “New” command of the folder context menu when folder tab is active in English mode.
  • Effect: One more particle yields unintentionally.
  • Effect Editor: Particle Lifetime slider cannot be moved to the rightmost.
  • Cell Edit: Numerical input cannot be applied before changing cross cursor.
  • Attribute: Effect name does not reflect to current effect parts even when the referenced effect was removed or renamed.
  • Rendering: GIF output option looks confusingly unselectable by greyed when “Add Alpha Channel” is checked.
  • Layout: In Frame Control, particle of child’s emitter yields one frame later than in Effect Editor when “Delay” is specified.
  • Dialog: [Yosemite] Application crashes when closed by pushing left top button on the series of activation dialog.
  • Others: Trivial visual issues.