Version Releasenote (Jul.13th, 2015)

New features

1. Effect

  • This new feature makes creating randomized effect animation easier with particle.
    Turn on “Project Settings” -> “Compatibility” -> “Enable Effect Feature” checkbox to use this feature.
    The English documents are in preparation.

2. Write Animated GIF file.

  • Go to “Rendering” and check “Animated GIF” inside Output File Type then push OK button.

3. Write AVI file.

  • Go to “Rendering” and check “Uncompressed AVI” inside Output File Type then push OK button.

Additional functionalities

  • Project: Added “Save All” button on the “Save” button’s right.
    Only files marked as update are saved by this button.
  • Edit Cell: Added layout keep option.
    Adjust X/Y position of all parts which refer to this cell when the pivot of the cell is moved.
    Notice: Previously Z rotated parts cannot be kept.
  • Edit Cell: Added shortcut keys to zoom in/out by pushing +/- key with Ctrl key.
  • Curve Editor: Zoom to maximize the range of selected keys.
    Push ‘F’ key or push the second button from the left on the top-right zoom buttons.
    The range will be current play area on Frame Control if no keys are selected.
  • Curve Editor: Zoom to cover all keys in a view.
    Push ‘A’ key or push the leftmost button on the top-right zoom buttons.
  • Settings: Compatibility page.
  • Added players: SS5Player for UnrealEngine4, SS5Converter for Unity2D.
  • Added ‘Help’ link on the top-right.
  • Other: Added an option to specify zoom multiplication factor.
    zoomMulFactorByWheel tag in SsOption.ssop file.
  • Other: Added an option to specify maximum loadable image size.
    maxLoadableImageWidth, maxLoadableImageHeight, maxLoadableImageFileSize tags in SsOption.ssop file.


    1. Curve Editor: Now vertical and horizontal zoom by wheel is synchronized.
      Horizontal zoom works as previous when pushing Shift key.
      Set syncXYZoom to zero in SsOption.ssop file if you want to turn back the behavior.
    2. Curve Editor: Supported flexible zoom for Vertex Deformation, Color Blend and alpha.
    3. Curve Editor: Now curve handle can move over minimum or maximum line.
    4. Curve Editor: Initial frame position is synchronized with Frame Control when opened.
    5. Curve Editor: Moved attribute change box from left to right
    6. Curve Editor: Interpolation type can be changed when mouse pointer is not on key marker.
    7. Curve Editor: Current frame bar is synchronized with playing animation when Curve Editor is active.
    8. Curve Editor: Horizontal scrollbar moves automatically when current frame is moved on Frame Control.
    9. Curve Editor: Widened the range to recognize left-click between frames. (Improved moving frame by left-click and cancel selection)
    10. Curve Editor: Selection can be cancelled by left-click over minimum or maximum line.
    11. Instance: Prevents missing link much better.
      1. 1. When loading: If an instance which has a missing link to souce anime is found, output warning and instance part will not convert to NULL part and keep source anime name.
      2. 2. When saving: Source anime name is preserved when the souce anime is not in a project.
      3. 3. An instance can re-link and restores animation when ssae file which has the missed source anime dropped onto SpriteStudio or added via “Project” -> “Add existing file…”.
    12. Reference Cell: Prevents missing link much better.
      1. 1. When saving ssae: Reference cell name is preserved even if the cell is missing in a project.
      2. 2. A reference cell key can re-link and restores animation when ssce file which has the missed cell dropped onto SpriteStudio or added via “Project” -> “Add existing file…”.
    13. Attribute: Reduced drawing load.
      Now relative value box only shows up when an attribute get focused.
    14. File loading: Warning message clearly specifies a way to handle when an index of cellmap is out of list.


  • Attribute: Unintentional undo occurs when inputting value in the relative value box with no keys in selection.
  • Attribute: A value is not updated when a current part is changed to an another part which has no attribute key set to the previous part.
  • Attribute: A value is not updated when undo after fixed the value by moving focus (without pushing Enter key) at a frame where key exists.
  • Attribute: Cannot select “None” of Collision Detection when “Playback target platform” is not “Custom”.
  • Attribute: Crashes when maximul value is specified in relative value box.
  • Attribute and Others: Cursor position and selection range misaligns in number input box.
  • Curve Editor: Curve Parameter Editor: Left Handle Offset sometimes resets even when open and close the window.
  • Curve Editor: Left texts display “Left” and “Right” mistakenly when Vertex Deformation or Color Blend is selected. (Correct: “Start” and “End”)
  • Curve Editor: Scrollbar hiccups when zoomed by wheel.
  • Curve Editor: Max, Min labels disappear depending on zoom ratio.
  • Curve Editor: Current frame mislocates the frame before when current frame changes on Frame Control.
  • Curve Editor: Unnecessary current position lines are drawn even when Curve Editor is inactive.
  • Curve Editor: Y position of start key is variable unintentionally refering to its value when Vertex Deformation or Color Blend is selected.
  • Curve Editor: Replaced mouse cursor from the custom to the OS standard.
  • Curve Editor: Curve Parameter Editor: Window position can be far away from mouse cursor.
  • Curve Editor: Can not copy(cut) and paste key when a single key is selected.
  • Curve Editor: Can not delete letters in “Value” box.(can delete key mistakenly)
  • Frame Control: Always interpolation type becomes “None” when set a key before a top key.
  • Frame Control: Current part selection is cancelled when adding a selection on tree of Frame Control or on Layout after current part is changed on Chart of Frame Control.
  • Frame Control: An exception occurs when undo or redo renaming label.
  • Frame Control: Chart is sometimes not updated after moving or deleting key on Curve Editor.
  • Frame Control: Attribute contents are not updated although current part is changed when clicking eye or lock icon.
  • Layout: IK control is corrupt.
  • Layout: No effects by changing value on Attribute after “Exclude child selection”.
  • Layout: Unintentional motion occurs when clicking after selecting parent part then child part to rotate multiple parts during Gizmo mode.
  • Layout: Can not select guide(red circle) when re-grouping after rotating grouped parts by guide(red-circle) on Layout.
  • Cell Map: Overwrite a cell created before unintentionally when pushing arrow key to adjust its position after selection.
  • Select Reference Cell: Always drawn area is located at the top cell even if a focused cell is located an another position.
  • Select Reference Cell: Cell order is not synchronized with Cell List ordered by hand.
  • Edit Cell: Cell Map is marked as modified even when open and close the window.
  • Cell/Anime List: List works wrong after changing from Cell List to Anime List when the number of animation is too many.
  • Rendering: Pixel size becomes 4×4 when specifying 1% to “Output Image Size” of an image(e.g. 350×400 sized).
  • Rendering: Freeze when specifying a non-existent folder to output.
  • General dialog: Can touch parent dialog during showing a child modal dialog.
  • Edit: An exception occurs when doing copy&paste a cell and moving its pivot after moving pivot of the cell.
  • Edit: An error occurs by setting unintentional reference cell key to NULL part.
  • Import: Freeze or an EOF error occurs when importing SSA file.
  • Boot: Access violation occurs when most recent projects are empty. (lastProjectDirectory tag is not found or empty in SsOption.ssop file)
  • File save: Abnormal termination occurs when saving a project after “Remove Changeless Keys”.
  • Project: All reference images list up on Project even when they are actually not referenced by cancelling Cell Map creation.
  • Project: An access violation occurs when adding cell after undo.

Known Issues

  • General: [Mac] File open dialog(via “Change Cellmap Reference” and so on) always locates last opened folder, not a folder where current file exists.