Version 5.3.6 supported OSX Yosemite Releasenote (Jan.27th, 2015)

**This version works for OSX Mavericks/Yosemite only.**
* Lion/MountainLion build is not provided.
All of fixes have effect on Mavericks/Yosemite only.


      • Cellmap: Scrollbar always stays even if it is not necessary after docked from floated.
      • SpriteSheet/Changing Cellmap Reference: An exception occurs while clicking popup menu rapidly many times.
      • Attribute: Some controls outside window are cut out when the Attribute window is docked or shown in the status from undocked or hidden.
        Then the controls never appears again until rebooting SpriteStudio.
      • Project Settings: On OSX Yosemite, folder select dialog has some issues which are incorrect initial folder and inability to open two or more times until closing settings.

Known Issues

      • Other: On OSX Yosemite, An exception occurs when pushed ‘x’ button to close dialogs relevant to activation.