Version 5.3.5 Releasenote (Nov.21st, 2014)


      • Attribute: Changing an attribute value can now be applied to the mulitple selected parts. Also setting keyframes and changing part info are applied to them. In addition, any modifications are applied to the multiple frames in selection.
      • Attribute: Specifying a relative value is now available.
        • e.g.) Adding an offset to the position of multiple frames, muliplying an scale to the multiple parts, etc…
      • Layout: X/Y position movement can be displayed by pushing the toggle button on the right edge of the toolbar.
      • Edit: “Removing Changeless Keyframes” function is added.
      • Edit: “Changing Cellmap Reference” function is added.
      • Frame Control: Jumping to the source animation menu is added on context menu on the instance parts.
      • Frame Control: Renaming label is added on context menu on the ruler.
      • Settings: Added an option that “Flip Z rotation sign when the part is flipped by negative scale. (Ver.4 compatible)” in Settings -> General -> Export.


      • Frame Control: Label position is now adjusted when deleted or inserted frames.
      • Vertex Deformation Edit: Focus moves to the next box by pushing Tab or Enter key.
      • Project: Confirmation dialog is shown before some operations(add/delete/duplicate of anime) can not undo are done.
      • Export: Reduced accumulated inaccuracy of pivot offset.
      • Export: Worked around a potential issue that the representation on Ver.4 can be different when used very complicated inheritance setting.
        • Now changes inheritance referent of the direct children of the root from “Refers to parent” to “Use individual”, then copies the individual setting from the root.
      • Other: A warning is disabled when opened the ssce file generated by TexturePacker.


      • Updated the settings of “Playback target platform.”


      • Attribute: Curve edtior button is hidden with initial windows width.
      • Attribute/Project: [mavericks] Scroll bar length are shorten after some setting dialogs opened.
      • Frame Control: Label position does not follow while scrolling.
      • Layout: Revert part position after manipulated the multiple parts which are cut and paste.
      • Layout: Attribute does not reflect the part selected on Layout. (actually reflected the previous selected part)
      • Layout: A selection loses after an operation by typing any keys.
      • Layout Info: An exception occurs when changing “Parts Sort Mode” while no parts are selected.
      • Layout: “Time” tab flashes unintentionally while applying color blend.
      • Layout: Current part selection is removed when added selection on parts tree or Layout after changed current part on chart.
      • Instance: An exception occurs when opened or placed the layout anime which refers to the source anime already deleted.
      • Instance: Playback range of instance key is not reset properly when changed label name.
      • Rendering: Rendering can not output the animation has only 1 frame length.
      • Make Sprite Sheet: [mac] CPU usage is still high even after closed dialog if preview has been done.
      • Vertex Deformation Edit: Last input value is not applied without moving edit focus when closed dialog.
      • Edit: Fixed a possibility that an access violation or memory corruption occurs if some edit operations are done on Attribute window after deleting, adding, pasting parts or undo the operations cited.
      • Edit: Can paste keyframe beyond last frame.
      • Edit: An exception occurs when added a new key or edited an existing key.
      • Settings: Available color blend types are wrong due to refering to alpha blend types.
      • File Save: Indivitual settings of “Inheritance Settings” can not be saved in ssae if a status is checked.
      • Export: Part pivot misaligns even if an animation shows correctly with the option “Alpha/flip/hide attributes inherit along with Ver.4″ checked.
      • Export: Pivot offset key having 0 value is added after flip key oddly.
      • Export: The angle key for child parts having a negative scale is interpolated.
      • Export: There are cases of the origin offset value being shifted for reference cell animations with different sizes that have the origin not set in the center.
      • SSA Export: Indivitual settings of “Inheritance Settings” can not be saved in some cases.
      • SSA Export: H Flip status of “Inheritance Settings” are lost.