EXEpress 6 is a tool to create self-extracting executable files that provides high functionality and a user friendly installation environment.

Provides powerful backup for distributing programs and content by providing a “self-extracting executable file function” (function to pack all files into a single executable file and to extract the files when executed) required for distributing files on the Internet as well as basic installer and uninstaller functionality.

Self-extracting executable files generated with EXEpress 6 appeal to a wide range of users because of the user-friendly installation environment. In addition, program developers and content creators con concentrate on the business of production.

EXEpress 6 Features

User friendly self-extracting executable file wizard

A novice-friendly wizard guides the creation of self-extracting executable files on EXEpress 6. The file can be used without selecting users for distribution.

When using EXEpress 6 Pro, you can select the traditional “Classic” wizard or the new wizard matching the most recent Windows version.


Supports “no wizard” self-extracting executable files for consistent extraction

You can create “no wizard” self-extracting executable files that are used for applications such as packaging groups of files for other setup programs.

Extracts files immediately after executing without confirming with the user.


Supports CAB format

Uses the Windows standard compression format and CAB format that has a higher compression rate compared to other formats for the compressed files. More compact self-extracting executable files can be created.

* Note that EXEpress 6 does not support LZH and ZIP formats.


The EXEpress Compressor archive creation tool is included

The EXEpress Compressor archive file (CAB format) creation tool is included. All required processes from creating archive files to creating self-extracting executable files can be performed with EXEpress 6 alone.


Supports registration of shortcut icons

Shortcuts can be saved in the Start Menu or on the Desktop.


Built-in uninstaller

Comes with a built-in high performance uninstaller that provides all the functionality for general use. Development is easier because there is no need to create a separate uninstaller.


Messages can be displayed

A customizable window title and description can be displayed while the self-extracting program is executing.


Flexibility in specifying file install locations and extraction methods

Of course files can be extracted to the folder where the program is executed, but the files can also be extracted by specifying special folders such as Program Files, Desktop, or the System Folder as the reference folder and creating a sub-folder in that folder.

The copy destination can be specified for each file independently, so you can distribute applications that store DLL files in the system folder and configuration files in a dedicated folder.


Specifying executable Windows versions

The version of Windows on which the created self-extracting executable file will run can be specified. A self-extracting executable file can be created to match the OS that supports the program to be distributed.


Auto run 

A program can be set to automatically run after installation completes.


The self-extracting executable file icon can be set

Because the icon for the self-extracting executable file can be changed, it is obvious which program is to be installed before executing the file. Supports 48×48 dot icons and semi-transparent icons.


Can set panel images

The panel image displayed on the left side of the self-extracting program window can be changed to give more freedom for originality.

Background screen function

Supports gradation background screen display. The background color can be set and a logo (bitmap) can be displayed in the background.


Supports file deletion function for calling external installers

When using an external installer rather than the EXEpress 6 installer function, the temporary files that are created by the self-extracting program can be deleted by monitoring when the external installer completes execution

EXEpress 6 can be used as a self-extracting executable file fool for expanding files in a “group of files created with an external installer.”


Supports execution on English version of Windows.

The created self-extracting executable file also supports the English version of Windows. Messages are displayed in English when installing or uninstalling on an English version of Windows (excluding user specified items).


Supports COM server/Active X Control registration

The COM server and Active X controls that are required to run the program can be registered in Windows at the same time as the installation.

The bundled uninstaller can cancel the registration of these files at the same time as uninstalling.

Supports batch execution

A self-extracting executable file can be created without opening a window by executing EXEpress 6 and using a file that defines the method to create the self-extracting executable file as an argument. This is suitable when creating a self-extracting executable file from a batch file or script.


Greater stability

We have shipped over half a million OEM titles and can boast of greater stability.


Operating Environment

OS supported by EXEpress 6

(Support 64bit/32bit)

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008(R1・R2)
  • Windows Server 2012(R1・R2)

* Does not support Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7, Windows Server 2003, or Windows NT3.51/4.0 or earlier.

* Messages are not displayed correctly because non-Japanese versions of Windows are not supported.


OS that supports the created self-extracting executable file

The following versions of Windows (32 bit/ 64 bit) are supported.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008(R1・R2)
  • Windows Server 2012(R1・R2)

* Non-Japanese versions of Windows are also supported and the messages and window notations are shown in English.

* Can also specify “Windows 10 and later Windows Client” and “2019 and later Windows Server

* Does not support Windows 2000 or earlier.


Other Software

EXEpress 6 comes with an archive file creation tool, but archive files created by an external archiver supporting the CAB format can also be used.

EXEpress 6 supports MSZIP and LZX15 – 21 formats.