EXEpress 6

Flexible and Speedy "EXEpress 6" installer creation tool

EXEpress 6 Pro

EXEpress 6 is a flexible tool to create self-extracting installation wizards (interactive) quickly.

Allows flexible customizations such as icon modification, and also provides an SDK for developing function expansion modules. Also supports increased application development efficiency because command line execution is also supported.

Proven track record with over 1 million installers used. Reliable functionality and quality are provided at a low cost.


Create installers quickly and with flexibility

Self-extracting installation wizards (interactive) can be created quickly.

In addition, you have the flexibility to make a wide variety of settings from design to operation such as limiting the OS, specifying the install location, and setting automatic execution.

Extensive customization is possible such as creating a new style installer with EXEpress 6 Pro for Windows 2000 and later, and supporting original icons.

Proven track record, high reliability

Over 1 million have been used with several well-known software titles. You can create stable, reliable, quality installers.

Web Technology uses this tool for creating installers for the OPTPiX imésta series and OPTPiX SpriteStudio.

Also supports command line operation and efficiency

Supports creating installers with command line operation. You can automatically generate the installer in the work flow by combining with the automatic build tool in the Jenkins server.

Makes operation more efficient with test operations during the development period.

Provides an SDK for developing extension modules

An SDK for developing extension modules is provided. Special operations that cannot be achieved with EXEpress functions only can be supported by creating extension modules.

Other Features

Specifying Windows versions on which the installer will run

An installer that will run only on the specified versions of Windows can be created.

For example, you can set the installer so that it will not run on versions prior to Windows 8.1.

Also, you can create installers for the 64-bit version of Windows that will not run on 32-bit versions.

Display the License Agreement and other text during install

A text file can be displaying during installer execution. Both English and Japanese are supported, and the displayed content can be automatically switched according to the environment.

Also, with EXEpress 6 Pro the text can be used as a "Software License Agreement." *
Installation can be set to begin after the "Agree" button is pressed.

Supported on non-Japanese versions of Windows

The created wizard supports languages other than Japanese.
When run on non-Japanese OS systems, the wizard messages are automatically switched to English.

Supports COM servers/Active X Control registration

Files contained in the installer can be registered in Windows as COM servers/Active X control.

Supports the more secure digital signature (Authenticode)

Improves security by supporting checking digital signatures (Authenticode), and if a file has been tampered with, the installer can be set to not execute.

System Requirements

OS supported by EXEpress 6

Windows 11, 10
Windows Server 2012(R1・R2), 2008(R1・R2)

* Support 64bit/32bit

OS supporting created self-extracting executable files

Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Windows Server 2022, 2016, 2012(R1・R2), 2008(R1・R2), 2003

  • Non-Japanese Windows is also supported and the messages and window notations become English.
  • Can also specify "Unknown Windows Client" and "Unknown Windows Server."
Other Software
  • EXEpress 6 comes with an archive file creation tool, but archive files created by external archivers supporting the CAB format can also be used.
  • EXEpress 6 supports MSZIP and LZX15 - 21 formats.


You can use the software as trial mode for the purpose of evaluation for the period below.

  • EXEpress 6 Pro (trial mode): 1 month
  • Installers created with EXEpress 6 Pro (trial mode): 1 week from the date of creation


Product Name EXEpress 6 Pro
Price JPY 19,440 / 1license
Delivery Program: Download from OPTPiX Help Center.
License Key: Sent by Email.
Payment Major Credit Cards and PayPal are available as payment options.
Returns and Refunds lease note that due to the nature of the product, returns after purchased are not accepted.
Please request trial license and evaluate the product before purchasing.