Parts (Sprite)

About the actual range of selected keyframes to copy and paste while parts tree is collapsed.
To minimize the number of too many attributes to be used.
ON/OFF of the setting of the Part’s Attribute.
How to use NULL parts?
The Setting Differences of inheriting (of Key-Frame Parameters) to SpriteStudio Professional and OPTPiX SpriteStudio

Cell Map, Cell List, Cell and Reference Image

To change reference image (texture) during and after creating animation
To search object cell


How are environmental settings and project settings related?
What is the Reference Folder?
Why is .ssce display updated when importing several .ssax files that share the same image?


I want to know how to deactivate license.
“UV X/Y Translation” and “(change of) Reference Cell” of the single animation
Processing becomes slow when exported to game engines, etc
Where is the description about SSPJ/SSAE/SSCE file format?
The Sprite’s position is misaligned when play
What is the origin position for the layout information?
Is it possible to use in tablet mode of Windows 10?