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OPTPiX SpriteStudio®, the Latest Sprite Animation Data Tool Announced to Support major game engines including the next generation standard "HTML5" and "Unity"
Feb 7th,2013
Web Technology Corp.
Web Technology Com Corp.

Tokyo, Japan - February 7, 2013: Web Technology Corp. (President: Terumasa Kodaka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo) announces OPTPiX SpriteStudio®, the latest sprite animation data tool SpriteStudio® series provided by the Company.

Sprite Animation is one of the 2D animation expression techniques used since the 8-bit game machine era up to the present smartphone application era. There are still many scenes necessitating the 2D animation expression techniques although the 3D graphics is most popular at present. However, there are only a few support tools available. In particular, OPTPiX SpriteStudio® is perhaps the only tool available now as specialized for creating games and applications.

The SpriteStudio® series has been used at the variety of practical game production scenes over the last ten years or so, ranging from consumer games to smatphone applications. It is used for creating many commercial titles, namely, the "Mushroom Garden Deluxe" which marked 24 million downloads to smartphone in Japan, as a typical example.

The new version OPTPiX SpriteStudio®, launched in April 2013, operable with data output of Unity, Cocos2d-x, and CronaSDK which are multi-platform game engines. This tool's execution environments are both Windows and Macintosh, in both Japanese and English language modes.

OPTPiX SpriteStuido Window1


Functions and Features of OPTPiX SpriteStudio®

  • Intuitive operation based on Drug & Drop and Key Frame modes
  • Operable with the XML format output featured by binary output of animation data with readability of multiple applications.
  • More Speed, More Intuitive operation (newly added)
    The development source code upgraded from the previous product SpriteStudio® Ver.4. A broad range of improvements of performance thereby broadly reducing the learning cost with a new and smart user interface.
  • Visual Management of Multiple Animations (newly added)
    Multiple image resources and motion data are managed at the 'project' unit. For example, a single character’s multiple animation data can be rounded up as one project and the external view is allowed very conveniently.
  • Edit Mode of Inverse Kinematics (IK) Method (newly added)
    As Edit Mode of multiple-joint animations, the Inverse Kinematics (IK) Method is adopted because of its general use for 3D tool and others. With this newly added feature, even 2D sprite characters can be realized with abundant expression and movements.
    OPTPiX SpriteStuido Window2

  • HD Resolution Animation Editing Function (newly added)
    In order to accord with the screen size of smartphone with increasing high resolution, it is also possible to edit high-resolution animation data at high speeds.
  • Operable with the Web standard technique "HTML5".
    The "HTML5" is a strategy designed to realize rich applications on the browser. The OPTPiX SpriteStudio® is operable with this "HTML5" as a standard tool, thereby flexibly following up application development of the WebView type. Minimizing data sizes is also considered, and the lightweight is enabled for frequent access with the server.
  • Operable with game engines such as "Unity", "CoronaSDK"(new), "Cocos2d-x"(new).
    The converter and the player are newly provided for "Cocos2d-x" and "CoronaSDK" besides for the multiple-platform game engine "Unity", thereby flexibly operable with user's application development workflow.
  • Versions released: Windows and Macintosh (new)
    In order to operate with the versatile platform development environments, both Windows and Macintosh versions are released.
  • Japanese language and English language versions:
    The English language version is additionally provided for international users besides the present Japanese language version.
    OPTPiX SpriteStuido Window3


Outline of OPTPiX SpriteStudio® Product

Product Name

OPTPiX SpriteStudio®


April, 2013


OS (Windows) Microsoft Windows 8 / 7 / Vista
CPU Intel® Core2 Duo 2GHz
GPU OpenGL Version 2.1,VRAM 512MB
Memory 2GB

OS (Macintosh) OSX 10.7(Lion)
CPU Intel® Core2 Duo 2GHz
GPU OpenGL Version 2.1,VRAM 256MB
Memory 2GB


Provided by download method.


Price JPY 99,750/license (Tentative Price).
Free Trial Version 30 days for full functionality trial.

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About the Company

Web Technology Corp., head-office in Tokyo, is an independent software development company which provides image processing services for game development tools and mobile devices. The Company started in 1991 and has delivered services of "Values For Users" featured at the axis of its original high-quality reducing-color technique. In the game industry in particular, our image optimizing software OPTPiX imesta® series is recognized named for its high image quality and broadly used by most of Japanese game publishers. Also, our manga drawing software ComiPo!® is recognized as "Anybody-can-easily-draw-manga tool" not only in Japan but also in Korea and English-speaking countries.

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